10 Whisper Confessions That Will Give You Chills

Whispering confession is an art of redemption that just gives you relief, ah ! just relieve. People who could not confess with the close ones made their confessions here , though anonymously because the world as a whole do not judge a confession. So below are some hilarious, funny, weirdest and most bizarre confessions.

1) Loyalty? Um.. Truthful confession!

Truthful confession









2) One time I was so broke that when I finished my shampoo bottle, I refilled it with water and returned to store to get refund.

shampoo bottle

3) When I was working in a hotel, the blankets were washed once a year ! Gosh ! What a confession !


4) Once I went on a date with a guy who I found online, he brought his mom too on the date. That is a great idea.


5) This is really weird !


This is so harsh , I go to church every Sunday, but no one knows that I deal drugs to my friends and their friends.

6) I guess with every one , isn’t it?

Pizza Boy

Whenever I order pizza, I hope of a hot delivery boy. ( giggles)

7) Really? How gross you are ?


8) Family first ? Hilarious !


9) She can’t let him go or what?

Secret Confession
This Confession which gave us goosebumps

10) I count every time I see numbers and add add subtract till the time I get 9. It is really crazy !



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