30 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

It’s truly said, “You Are What You Feel.”

Being a philosophy graduate, I was recommended this great book You Can Heal Your Life, written by Louise Hay. It’s about how can you heal yourself just by thinking positive. Trust me it WORKS and has also been scientifically proven!

When you practice affirmations, choose 1 or 2 from the below given list to focus on for few weeks. Speak the affirmation words aloud in a self-confident voice many times a day and also before going to bed. You can also firstly write it down and then speak it aloud to add more power on the affirmation. Keep in mind that the affirmations you speak are in present tense just as they are happing in reality.

You can not only heal yourself with the help of affirmations but also your loved ones. Remember to speak from your heart and be true to what you feel.

Here is a list of affirmations which I strongly feel each of us should chant throughout day and before you go to sleep:

  1. The world around me is peaceful.
  2. I am very happy and there is more happiness to come my way.
  3. I am a hardworking person and will get what I best deserve.
  4. I am blessed with a healthy body.
  5. Everyone loves me.
  6. I live in a beautiful and perfect home.
  7. I can do everything.
  8. Whatever is happening is for good.
  9. I am very forgiving.
  10. I have improved from my bad habits.
  11. I have a perfect partner.
  12. I am courageous.
  13. I easily find solutions to all the problems I come across.
  14. I am becoming more and more successful.
  15. I am confident and energetic.
  16. I am proud of myself.
  17. I have a soundly sleep.
  18. All is well.
  19. I don’t live with regret.
  20. I have all positive people around me.
  21. I am not alone.
  22. I am surrounded by helpful people.
  23. I will overcome all my difficulties.
  24. I am a survivor.
  25. I am special and unique.
  26. I stay calm in all stressful situations.
  27. I am truthful.
  28. I will have a great day ahead.
  29. I believe myself.
  30. I love myself the way I am.

These affirmations will surely create a positive environment around you and eradicate all negative vibes. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid using the word ‘not’, ‘no’, ‘less’ and any other similar negative words.

Other than the above mentioned affirmations, which ones are you following? Do share it with us and how did you feel about the post. Spread happiness and be positive.

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