8 Healthy habits for every smoker to leave smoking

“Nothing is possible, until it’s done”

Smoking is a bad habit and it is really hard to leave for multiple reasons. Every smoker has a habit to smoke before or after a meal, but one needs to change or eradicate the lamentable habit to get a healthy lifestyle. Smoking does not only affect only your lifestyle but also gives you plenty of diseases like:-

  • Lung Cancer
  • Heart Diseases
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Cardiovascular disease

Here are the 8 healthy habits that every smoker must follow to leave smoking and live a better and healthy life.

1) Exercise Daily

Exercising daily is the foremost step for every smoker that one cannot just afford to ignore because exercising is that part which releases all the chemicals from your body in form of sweat.

smoke 1

2) Eat the “Right” Diet

Eating the right diet is yet another good habit that every smoker must adopt. “Smoking is injurious to health”, the very famous quote is just not a saying, but readily is very harmful to the lungs. Therefore eating is the right diet, not correlate this with a balanced diet. The right diet does not only proportionately will need proper protein or something but products like

Ginseng, Milk, Nuts, Chewing Gums, cloves, Vegetable sticks or ready to eat snacks types. They help you to reduce the consumption of your cigars.


3) Take a Shower

Taking shower is yet another strategy for leaving cigarette, it not only tries to calm your thirst for it but also makes you feel fresh and energetic with the feelings of positivity. Water has always proved the best cure of medication in any disease, so why ain’t it here? Drinking water has many advantages so why not water in the store. Taking a shower will help you in any case.


4) Pay a Fine

Makes this a habit, every time you smoke pay a fine to your loved ones.

Pay as much as you smoke. When you feel your pocket empty,you may stop once and realize the mistake. It will definitely help you !

smoke 4

5) Keep your Hands Busy

Smoking involves all your hands exercise, right? Well, keep your hands busy at least then you won’t crave for a cigarette. Play crosswords or go and play with your kids ( if you have). Play cards or cook or do anything that an just involve your hand moments.  

smoke 5

6) Keep yourself motivating

Motivating oneself is the crucial part, with motivation no one can stop you to achieve that par. Make your motivation, your family, your loved ones so that every time you see them the feeling or idea of having a cigarette vanish away from your head. Love yourself, Love your family!

smoke 6

7) Meditation or Yoga

If you are looking for a permanent alternative to de-stressing yourself and keep away from smoking, look no further. Yoga is the key to stepping out of the smoke and rid you of the addiction. Yoga can help you learn ways to resist the urges of smoking. Yoga is an effective wellness program that aims to equip you with health enriching and de-stressing tools that help you lead a healthy and joyful life, thus letting your loved ones breathe free too!

smoke 7

8) Be a Vegan

Trust me vegan people finds it easier to leave cigarette! Eating things like Carrots, fruits or having juice can easily make you cigarette free. These vegetables have an encoding taste that generally wipes off the taste of cigarettes.

smoke 8

These were the 8 healthy habits for every smoker to leave smoking. 8 healthy habits that every smoker should follow to live a better, healthy lifestyle! Inhaling the wrong thing would just make your life short even if it is giving you pleasure, (short time pleasure)!

“ Tar the road, not your lungs”

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