Are You Swimming In A Pool Of Stress?

Here are your easy stress busters.

We usually refer to the term stress when we are overloaded with work and get no time to relax ourselves. Anything that poses as a threat to our well-being and easy-go-happy life becomes a stress. With our up-to the neck busy schedule we get no time to relax ourselves. Going to gym and spa’s or playing squash or tennis to release stress looks distant when most of our time is spent on working our way through the ever increasing pressure to grow. We don’t just suffer from stress at work-places, staying at home, looking after kids, cooking for family, cleaning up our environment, all this can pile up at some point to become stress in our lives.

It is very important to reduce anxiety which may come in various forms such as—panic attacks, phobia and social anxiety. Whether you are suffering from some illness or going through a stressful period in your life, natural herbs are always helpful. Here are a couple of herbs for which I can personally vouch for which have proven to reduce stress and calm me down.



Yes, lavender is my personal favorite. It is also the most highly utilized plant for reducing stress. A double blind randomized study conducted on lavender against anti-anxiety medication Lorazepam showed that lavender herb is equally effective against persistent anxiety, plus it is has no sedative side effect.

This herb works wonderfully well on our nervous system relieving headaches to a great extent and acting as an anti-depressant.


Uses: I prefer using lavender oil in oil burner. The herb can also be added to a bottle of water and used as an air freshener. If you wish to have quick results it can be applied on the temples and nape of your neck. Some people also prefer taking lavender honey in their tea.

  1. Chamomile


You must be familiar with this herb. Apart from black tea, this is the hottest selling tea in the entire world. Chamomile is extraordinarily gentle and can be traced to its effect on nervous system and digestive system.

Chamomile not only helps to calm stress or anxiety but is also a helpful remedy for delayed menstrual and irregular menstrual. Skin baths with Chamomile extracts also helps to calm skin inflammations.


Uses:  Chamomile is mostly used as a tea. I would also suggest using chamomile in form of tea to reduce lingering stress. The act if sipping from a cup of tea in it is a very soothing activity. However, using chamomile is bathing tubs or introducing chamomile blossoms to massage oils is also a good option.

  1. Lemon Balm


Though usually found in combination with other herbs, lemon balm has its own anti-anxiety properties as well. Lemon balm is more useful as anti-viral medication. Like all its mint family a tea induced with lemon balm causes perspiration and helps break fever. Lemon balm extracts can also be used against herpes and cold sores etc.

Uses:  Lemon balm can be used in the tea form just like Chamomile. It can also be used as aromatic oil. Even minute quantities of lemon balm can have a sedative effect. It is also used in kitchen to marinate chicken or fish and is used in the seasoning as well.

  1. Passion Flower


Passion flower is an excellent remedy for those with mild to moderate anxiety. This herb is famous for reducing stress and calming the mind.

In a double blind study Passionflower was compared to a medicine Oxazepam. It was found that although Oxazepam had quicker effects, both the treatments were equally effective. However, the day-time drowsiness was fewer with Passionflower.

It is used to generally relax the body and prepare for a most restful night’s sleep.

Uses: Passionflower can be brewed into teas or made into tinctures for direct use. It can also be used in form of aroma oil for soothing environment or as bath salts to relax the body.

These are not the only herbs that are useful in reducing stress or anxiety and providing a calm and neutral environment. However, these are the herbs that work best for me when I am under great stress. There are many herbs which are easily available these days. Do your own research – Hit and try the herbs and find out which herb or combination of herbs work best for your mind and body and in which form. Once you know what works best for you life will be much easier to deal with.


  1. Pankaj Vajpayee

    November 6, 2015 at 6:33 am

    This is one of the great article i have ever read.

  2. Naresh MIntri

    November 6, 2015 at 6:41 am

    Nice post, with all the different herbal options. Apart from these, Holistic Healing modalities also offer other options which are useful to help reduce stress. It is my belief, that stress doesn’t happen, it is created, by your own thoughts and approach to situations in life. Liked this post. Look forward to more.

    • shreya

      November 6, 2015 at 6:47 am

      Yes babaj, it is true..the more we feel it the more it increases..I’m trying to research more on the same.

  3. Shruti Mishra

    November 6, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Very nice post

  4. Rohit

    November 6, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    Wow.. very nice and informative !!

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