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The Black Knight is a mythical object that is around 13,000 years old. It is often called as it is originated by alien orbit or extraterrestrial origin ( or unknown origin). The unusual object is now termed as a satellite, being “Black Knight Satellite”. It has many mysterious things, the unfolded stories and the darker side of Black Knight which was pulled up by the gloomy side and searched its existentialism. It was found that it even signaled back radio waves in 1920s-1930s before it disappeared.

Black knight satellite nasa explanation | disneyland of god

In “Disneyland of the Gods”, by John Keel, he reports in depth on this satellite:

 “In February 1960 the US detected an unknown object in polar orbit, a feat that neither they nor the USSR had been able to accomplish. As if that wasn’t enough, it apparently was several sizes larger than anything either country would have been able to get off the ground. 

And then, the oddness began. RADIO HAM operators began to receive strange coded messages. One person, in particular, said he managed to decode one of the transmissions, and it corresponded to a star chart. A star chart which would have been plotted from earth 13,000 years ago, and focused on the Epsilon Bootes star system.Bootes star system.Most satellites of the time, including black knight satellite, moved from west-to-east. Its speed was also about three times normal. A committee was formed to examine it, but nothing more was ever made public.




Three years later, Gordon Cooper was launched into space for a 22 orbit mission. On his final orbit, he reported seeing a glowing green shape ahead of his capsule and heading in his direction. It’s said that the Muchea tracking station, in Australia, which Cooper reported this too was also able to pick it up on radar traveling in an east-to-west orbit. This event was reported by NBC, but reporters were forbidden to ask Cooper about the event on his landing. The official explanation is that an electrical malfunction in the capsule had caused high levels of carbon dioxide, which induced hallucinations.”

This satellite perplexed everyone and when it was discovered in 1950’s.US thought it belonged to Russia and Russia thought it belonged to U.S, it’s discovery predated man-made satellite launched in space so it’s existence and discovery remained unquestionable but still some sources say that it has an existence of alienated aura.

In November 2015, Pepsi released a promotional video entitled “Black Knight Decoded” which “imagines a rich fictional narrative around what some people believe is a very real entity: the Black Knight satellite”. The video features appearances by David Oyelowo and Freida Pinto, production by James Frey, and music by Usher.

The 2016 album of the American alternative metal band Gemini Syndrome, Memento Mori, contains a track named after the Black Knight Satellite.

The 2016 album of the Swedish project band Pain, Coming Home, Also features a track called “Black Knight Satellite”.

David Oyelowo | black knight BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE AND PEPSI














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  1. Colin

    October 6, 2018 at 11:05 am

    People say it may exsist it does exist thay only say it may exist cause science can’t explain it so like UFO’s and aliens life it’s all just a big tall tail even going to the point were an astrnout who should no what is what in space is made to look a fool by saying it was all in his head,why is it then it was seen on radar at the same time and how can it b doing an impossible orbit and be there sending signal 1min gone the next and it has been up there since b4 any man made objeced was ever sent 2space.It does not excist because science does not know we’re it came from or who it belong to.

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