Dead Conversations

The advent of the latest technology has no doubt brought our world together. Our family, friends living miles away are able to stay connected with us always. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and numerous similar applications has not only made our phones smart but also our lives smarter. Everybody seems to be connected with each other 24×7.

But how far has this helped our relationships? Give it a thought. Gone are the days when our dinner tables used to be alive with family members discussing and chatting their hearts out, when family outings used to be all fun and spending time together. Facebook has become our voice to share our feelings. The once private moments have now found a new face in the name of Instagram and Facebook.

Almost everybody lives life to upload it on public portals. The real emotions and feelings has taken a back seat, all that we see are fake poses, and fake emotions which can give you as many “likes” as possible on public portals. With our busy schedules running errands the entire day we still have time to look at the public portals just to make sure what is happening in the lives of the people we know who just for the record are mostly those who u might have never spoken to in person but you are very much interested in their day to day lives.

Interestingly the excessive addiction to public portals has benefitted the tourism industry to no ends. People go on holiday not just to relax and spend time with family and friends but also to upload the pictures and places on public portals for the so-called friends to see.

Living for the world has made us forget the little little things we used to enjoy sharing with family and friends. The leg pulling sessions between friends, the tete-a-tete with our colleagues and serious advice from family and elders have lost its charm in the shine of our smart phones. A Wi-Fi free zone is something we cannot live with even within our own homes.
So, are we heading towards a non-conversational world or are we so interested in connecting with people online that we are forgetting those who live with us and for us. Is this what our priorities are? We need to check Facebook to see what’s happening in the life of our online “people we might know” before we doze off, we need to WhatsApp our friends before we call it a day, we need to manage our twitter handle so that the world knows that we are active. But don’t we need to read and kiss our kids goodnight before they doze off, don’t we need to spend time with our parents who have been waiting for us the entire day to come back home from office and sit with them, don’t we need to remind our spouses how much we love them and what they mean to us, don’t we need to pat our pet who has been waiting and wagging his tail when you came home from work. What makes us happier? Are we moving towards an age where human interaction is extinct and all that is left are human bodies devoid of all the emotions fiddling with the smart phones and tablets?Think about it….


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    January 6, 2017 at 4:51 pm

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