He wasn’t a Traveller But Passion Made him one

Hyderabad based Indranil Chowdhury has till date visited 107 countries

Indranil Chowdhury ,56,is bitten up by travel bug this is the reason he combined his travel and sports passion and in the past 26 years travelled 107 nations. While travelling was integral to his job early on, later it became an all-consuming passion. Sharing details about his journeys, Indranil says, “My first trip abroad was when I went to Myanmar in 1992 for work. Then I travelled a lot as I was into exports. When I casually counted one day, I realised that I went to 40 countries.

That was when I wanted to reach the three-figure mark and stepped up to visiting newer countries. The critical mass of my visits has been in the last 12 years, and though after I hit a century, I lost the urge for numbers, I still am passionate about exploring new places.” On his to do list is Bahamas which he couldn’t visit due visa issues and he plans to visit Russia next year during Fifa world cup.

Being a fervent sports fan, Indranil combines travel with sporting events, be it Olympics, football world cups or major tennis events so that he can merge both his great loves. What research is a part of a frequent traveller’s routine? Indranil explains, “I start with Lonely Planet guides. I have a lot of them with me and then I read up extensively about the place. I make notes and do my own ticketing and reservations. I don’t engage the services of an agent or a tour company unless there is no option, as they have a pre-planned programme and I don’t like that at all. Travel should include the freedom to do my own thing my way.”

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