Memoir Worth Recording

What has life become?
A set of many stages
And each stage is a smooth transition
From a carefree kid to a mature human
In each stage you play your part and with each part you grow into a fine human heart.
The more you grow up the more complicated life becomes
From bruised knees to broken hearts,
Life takes a toll,
Don’t know what is good
The present or the old?
From worrying about your academic goals
To discussing about your social milestones
From academic competition to mindless social connections
Life changes and so should you
Each morning brings with it self new hopes and new beginnings
New goals to accomplish
New limits to harness
New places for exploring
New chapters to be added to what will become a memoir worth recording.
So get-up, gear up and sprint forward
You are not a timid squirrel but a daring leopard
Sharpen your paws
Girdle your jaws
And pounce on your life
And let it know you are back to strike

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