Peter Habaybeh And Justin Habaybeh : Hard Working And Courageous Canadians

“Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward.” Drew Houston

Peter Habaybeh has devoted his life to making others better. He works at the crucial position of an instructor in Xcitelife for teaching people about the life infusing sports of Stand Up Paddleboarding. This activity involves standing on a board in oceans, and lakes and moving the water through a paddle. Bungee jumping which involves jumping from heights of 150 foot is also a thrilling activity in the Peter Habaybeh’s company Xcitelife.

There are just amazing adrenaline-boosting experiences like Archery, Fencing, and Camping available to customers in Xcitelife run by Peter Habaybeh. The more feisty can opt for Edge walking which involves walking on the top boundary of tall buildings in the Ontario city. This event takes place from the months of May to the end of October. The participants also get to dine on the rooftop after completing the walk.

About Peter Habaybeh’s Company

[ Maha Habaybeh or Maha Teresa Habaybeh ] – One of the most coveted adventures of this Peter Habaybeh’s company is the Eco-adventure which is enjoyable for those who want to partake in jungle adventures like zip lining between treetops. This event also includes adventures like Medicine Walks involving finding out about eatable plants and herbs available in the jungle. Dog sledging which is offered at Xcitelife is one of the other desirable activities This activity involves sledging the dogs like Siberian Huskies in the snow.

Peter Habaybeh

This activity is ideal for those who have a penchant for dogs. Without the snow, in the summertime, dog sledging is done in sledges which have wheels. If all these activities are not enough for you, you can also opt for watching Circus Adventures. You will gaze in awe at the mesmerizing adventures of acrobats. Even beautiful and eerie voices produced by animals can make your kids laugh.

Peter Habaybeh, Justin Habaybeh – Has Worked Hard to Get His Company Going

Your children can also enjoy while getting elephant rides. Peter Habaybeh teaches freediving also which allows people to hold breath underwater without the aid of any breathing tool. The shooting range activity in Peter Habaybeh’s Xcitelife is for those who want to hone their skills or are freshers with no shooting skills at all. The shooting activities are enough to get rid of stress.

It also boosts the concentration of the shooter by improving his target-focussing skill. These shooting activities are available in the regions of British Columbia and Vancouver.

These courses provide the shooters with the shooting skills to get a firearm possession license. The instructors available for the shooting techniques are completely professional. Therefore, there is no need to feel scared.

Hence the organization Xcitelife started by Peter Habaybeh adds happiness to people’s lives. Peter Habaybeh has made so many discover the meaning of their lives after being part of these events. Peter Habaybeh has been able to attain so much success with the help of his sister who has continuously made him strive for perfection and hope.

Peter Habaybeh’s Nephew Justin Habaybeh or Justin Andrew Habaybeh

Even his nephew Justin Habaybeh has the best of business skills, which is proved by his company Carkera. This company provides car cleaning and makeover services to the clients. Apart from cars, this company also deals with bikes and boats. This has led to so much demand for the services of this company because they are unique. There are many options for customers when they opt for the services of Carkera.

The company has been started due to the passion of Justin Andrew Habaybeh for cars. That’s why he knows all the fundamentals about cars. For anyone who is in love with his/her vehicle, the clay bar services are a complete necessity which removes the contaminants from the surface of the car paint. If you want an in-depth cleaning of the vehicle, you can opt for engine cleans which won’t cause any stoppage of the moving car. There are also headlight restorations services available in Carkera.

Peter Habaybeh Has Been The Guiding Force For Justin Habaybeh

who sends his personnel to the doorsteps of clients to service their vehicles. This is to make clients pleased with the services of the company. It’s hard to believe that Peter Habaybeh and his family have achieved a status for themselves in spite of their immigration status. Peter Habaybeh is truly a man who believes living his life with courage.


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