Supermom Vs Super Realtor

Melissa Farmer, Pay It Forward Realty, Cape Coral, FloridaOf all the rights of woman, the greatest is to be of a MOTHER. Mother of four and a famous Florida realtor, Melissa Farmer (9th September, 1975) is one of the supermom real estate broker who balances work and kids just ‘perfectly’. Today on Mother’s Day we bring to you her success story and how she manages her time between office and home.

Born in Richmond Indiana and graduated from nursing school in 1998, she joined a nursing profession in which she really worked hard for. But soon after moving to Florida she realized her love for real estate. She  received her Real Estate Sales Associate license in 2004 and later in June 2007, continued her education and obtained her Real Estate Broker’s license

Motivated with the concept of ‘Pay It Forward’ from the old movie her most rewarding venture has been helping bring awareness to a great non-profit organization known as CCMI in Cape Coral that helps in contributing to the people in need. Melissa is able to do this through Pay It Forward Realty which she opened in 2013

This step was marked as a real beginning of the success of making a huge ripple effect in the community helping people buy, sell and rent their properties while donating money from each transaction back to local community . The next big goal is to also include other local businesses in this good deed  showing that a little goes a long way.

When asking Melissa about her kids and how she manages them with work, she answers with a smile “I have 4 boys  – Caleb (21yrs), Cameron (18yrs), Corbin (15yrs) and Cayden (9yrs). I work long hours and 7 days a week however owning my own business gives me the liberty to make up hours by working late at night, early in the morning and weekends. When any of my boys have a school or sports event they know I will be there. They have all been very active in baseball since they were young and I have never missed game for work! Parenting is a never ending job, so no one can ever get to the bottom of the ‘to-do list’. I try my best to give complete attention to both my work and kids. My kids understand the boundaries around my work, but they also know they are most important to me.

During the initial setup of the company, she had struggled at figuring out the best long-term business plan that would work best for her and her family. She has achieved what she is today only because of her husband Brian and rest of the family who have been very supportive in all the decisions she makes.

Here is a special message to young moms on Mother’s day from this Supermom:

My message would be to young moms who think that they are stuck or there is no way to have a child young and have a career. I was only 18 years old and just out of high school starting college when Caleb was born. He gave me the strength and willpower each day to keep moving forward and to show everyone who thought I couldn’t do it that it could be done! Things happen to all of us that may be unplanned and yet no matter how bad it seems at the time, you can get through that if you believe in yourself. Years later, you may look back wondering how you managed to do it but it doesn’t matter because you did!

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