The Best Fragrance for Men — [From Her] ;-)

In this ever trending age it is very difficult to stand out as a man. There are so many angles to consider such as style, looks, attraction towards opposite sex. Have you ever considered that the man’s most important angle is scent?

Believe me women care more about how you smell than how you look.

Rightly stated,

“Smell is something that’s really memorable” – Michael H.

However, buying cologne might seem simple, but it is a very complicated task. Especially if you don’t know, what to buy. But before buying a scent for yourself you must know the difference between various forms of scents.

There are basically 4 kinds of scents:

Perfume: Perfume is the least diluted fragrance and is thus the most expensive one. It is not sold in spray form as it is too strong with almost 15-40% pure perfume extracts. Pure doesn’t always mean good, there are some extracts that do not smell good in their purest form. They must be diluted to bring out the best of their fragrance.

Eau de Perfume/ (Parfum): This also uses the same perfume extracts but in a much lesser quantity and more of alcohol and water and it is much less cheaper and more preferable due to its lighter fragrance. It usually consists of 15-20% pure perfume extracts. But mind you not to overuse this one as it might be lighter than the actual perfume but is still strong to smell.

Eau de toilette: It is thus lighter with just 4-15% pure perfume extracts. This is lighter than Eau de Perfume and can be sprayed a little more liberally. It is the most advisable to use daily, as it is lighter and doesn’t stay for long.

Eau de Cologne:  Eau de Cologne or simply called cologne is the most diluted version of the perfume consisting of only 2-5% of pure perfume extracts. These are rarely used as perfumes but serve as a fragrance for younger people who like to wear a fragrance on daily basis. This is also the least expensive form of perfumes.

Now that the difference is clear, I would suggest you buy the perfume as per your requirements, whether you want a fragrance that lasts long or just a fragrance that would fade away quickly. You must make your own choices with regard to the smell that you like.

However, these are some fragrances that according to me are the best fragrance for men to use:



This is indeed the best I’ve ever smelled. My personal favorite, this is out of the world. A blend of all the 5 elements in it. It smells of air, water, earth, fire, spirit. This is the smell I would recommend to every man trying to make a statement with his presence.

  1. Hugo boss Number 6


This is a perfume which is loved by most men. It is has a very bureaucratic smell to it. It states class, elegance and power. It works both as a night scent and day scent. It has been a big success for almost 15 years for men.

  1. Versace MAN Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace


This perfume speaks confidence. This is very refreshing and fresh. Unlike Versace which stands for sensuality, this one belongs to an entirely different class. With is ever fresh fragrance it is sure to make you feel lively.



This is surely old, but still one of the most fascinating fragrance of all times and that is why it makes to the list. It is provocative to an intense level, a typical masculine blend of spices, wood and herbs which can drive passion greatly. It is perfect date cologne.

  1. Aqva Marine by Bvlgari


This smells water. This is dedicated to men who want to stand unique and ever fresh and vibrant. It smells pine, cedar wood citrus all in one thus making it a unique blend. This has been ranked higher than CK’s Eternity Aqua for the reason that it is more affordable.

These are my personal favorites. However, I recommend you to try each fragrance and decide upon the one that suits best to your character and personality and make it your signature brand. Don’t go wrong with the scents as they speak for themselves. It seriously helps in creating that ravishing first impression that you so desperately want whether it be an official meeting, interview or first date.

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