#The Fashion List : What’s in?

One year ends, and a new start but what remains constant is the Lifestyle. Lifestyle and Habitat of people who generally resolves a sophisticated life. “Fashion” not being a taboo anymore is highlighted and talked freely about. We have the #The Fashion List : What’s in?

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. — Coco Chanel”

Fashion comes from the inner sense, fashion does not means wearing only the expensive clothes, but wearing what suits you and makes you feel comfortable. We here bring you the most “happening” things that are currently inn and you should try it too.

1) Daith Piercing

The more in demand and looks perfectly well on any skin colour. It just gives you a pleasant and charming personality.



I admittedly am not the most well-versed in body piercings, but when I first came across the term “daith piercing,” I had no idea what it was. Am I the only one who doesn’t know what a daith is? I wondered. I decided to poll some friends and coworkers to see if they knew. I received a few bizarre answers like “a type of cake” or “a villain,” and I also got a few answers that were a bit warmer like “a piercing on that top part of your ear.” I did and it looked stunning.

( http://www.seventeen.com/fashion/trends/news/a45193/daith-piercing-trend/)
2) The New Hill & Friends Handbags Are Sure to Make You Smile

7 (1) 7(2)


Sixteen months ago, when Emma Hill and Georgia Fendley started their jaunty handbag company, Hill & Friends, the world was a very different place. Brexit was considered a near impossibility, and very few people thought the U.S. would be celebrating Presidents’ Day with President Trump. Hill & Friends’s satchels and totes, with clasps that feature smiles and clever winking eyes, exude a sunny optimism that, it could be argued, are a bit at odds with these challenging times and now these handbags are in trend.

3) Walking Sandals

This sandal is designed for either a stroll around the city or a walk on the beach. A classic sandal with a casual touch.

3 fashion


4) The Perfect Blend of Jeans

In search of Jeans? Grasp these all the way trending jeans with bell-bottom and skin fitted type.

Available in any store near you in various colours.

4 fashion

5)  Go Colourful!

Wear the rainbow colours and be the limelight. Be in the trending trend and create your own style.

5 fashion6 fashion

6) Try out these amazing dresses with sprinkling fringes/ cold shoulders

Well, you always look stunning but these things will just glorify your presence.


The “#The Fashion List : What’s in?” was our initiative to plead the social occasions so that you treat yourself always like a princess and apart from this, there is a lot more things to explore like Zara mentions the hot pink to be the sexiest color.

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