The Story of Paradise Lost

“Our deeds would take us along the path which we chose wrong”

The famous poem by John Milton, “Paradise Lost” is something that can never vanish from our minds, every time you read it, you will remember the existence or say, co-existence of the fellow humans. John Milton is a great author which characterizes every bit of the tits in his own way and give a remarkable underlying thought on the face of a reader. The fiction stuff is fine, but what about if an author is penning down his thoughts of reality into something in which he gave a name which already happened? We all are aware of the story of  Adam and Eve and yes, the magical, the devil, the lustrous,  Red Apple. Paradise lost is the only Paradise which readers longs for, coming to the literary beliefs Paradise Lost is an epic poem in verses which explicit the most of our existence.

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a hell of heaven or heaven of hell” – Paradise Lost

It starts with the two human creations, Adam and Eve,  who were the first one to arrive at the beautiful palace of Earth. Like every Bollywood movie, this verse also has a villain, Our nothingness also had a demon known as ‘Satan’ ( also called Lucifer in Greek Mythology). Adam and Eve came into the Garden of Eden and made it Paradise. Satan proves to be a fallen angel in the war with God so thereby the whole story follows the path of thirst of revenge that accomplishes his downfall and he again becomes a falling angel. Satan is in hell, but due to his revengeful nature,  he turns into the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve reside and came through an earshot and unexpectedly hears, Adam saying that they should respect command of God and not eat the forbidden fruit. This was the time when Satan was jealous of God and wanted to occupy the whole world in his hands and create a hell to personify the badness to create the fallen angel’s world where death is immortal and divine power is eradicated.

In the meantime, when Adam is away from Eve, Satan turns up into a serpent (snake)  and offers Eve, the forbidden fruit! However, Eve eats that forbidden fruit by trusting the mankind nature and asks Adam to join too, After eating the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve lost their innocence and find themselves naked, Seeing this god terrifies and The Son of God ( Jesus) descends to earth to judge the sinners, mercifully delaying their sentence of death.

Instead of giving a verdict, he punished them by showing them their future in visions. Adam saw how men will work hard day and night for earning money and Eve saw how much would women suffer pain while giving births to babies. So this was how the realism turns down for fiction and this was the main reason of human life existence. The war between God and Satan set fire to the human breed. If one probability was there to avoid the forbidden fruit, what could be the scenario have been?

Whom shall we belong to? Are we existence of human or the co-existing that matters? Will our identity be purified? These questions are some of the heroic tellings that is still unkept, unsaid or unanswered!


  1. Tanvi

    January 14, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    Awsome post really touched my heart ❤

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