This Indian Electric Car Can Travel 200 kms on a Single Charge

Two-seater electric car

Hriman Motors LLP, a Delhi-headquartered startup, is working on building a serious two-seater electric car with a battery that will never need to be replaced. it will just like a dream project that can help save our fuel and our money. It has been years since we have dreamt of this electric car. As per now the Hriman motors is doing a lot of experiments, research and studies to make this project a successful. Be it a middle class family or the one which comes in sophisticated high class they all will love this electric car and will want to own them as soon as it hits the market. So now we have to see whether this products launches and reaches its consumers or just becomes a part of research and observations.

​Speed It is estimated that The RT90 will offer a 4G Connected IoT platform, with 200kms max travel range per charge.

Single charge

A single charge will take about ten minutes on a fast DC Charger and 1-2 hours on an AC Charger. So nothing can be more pleasing when we have a car that will never run towards petrol pumps for fuels. Fuel is that form of energy which is to be conserved as its an ending and non-renewable energy.

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