Top 5 Affordable cars that fits your budget

Automotive be one of the most exciting and hot topic with the increasing sense of stability in the scenario of the world economy. The auto-sector has been a hotly contested one since decades. Any manufacturer wanting to make inroads had to quickly compete with highly motivated competition churning out some rather good models. We bring you the top 5 affordable cars that fits your budget and allows your pocket to spend so that you can buy a car than makes your life more valuable and your personality somewhat lavish.

Cars typically tend to operate in hot or rain-swept weather conditions. As such, their tyre choices as well as other preps tend to be in that direction.  

Here is the list preceding the automotive era of cars technology :

1) Renault Kwid

Latest Car by Renault which starts from Rs. 2.57 lakh only. Brilliant exterior, Comfortable Interior and Mileage more than 25 KMPL.

Approximately : 2.57 Lakh



2) Hyundai Eon

Quite impressive budget and at the same time Nice Exterior and Brilliant Fuel Efficiency makes it popular among youth. Got popular in no time, you can find Eon in almost every list of Best Budget Cars in India.

Approximately : 3.11 Lakh



3) Chevrolet Spark

Another popular one in Best Budget Cars in India. Spark is doing well for almost 5 years now and going strong. Many customers have used this car roughly and it gave unanimously good result to most of them. Still A serial contender for most of the new Cars under 5 Lakh Budget.

Approximately : 3.61 Lakh



4)  Datsun Go Plus

Recently launched Datsun Go Plus main USP is its its space and Price. Till now there are not much option for a 7 Seater car under the budget of 5 Lakh Rs, and that’s where Datsun Go Plus is making its mark. Watch out for its success as more people have started picking this as their new car.

Approximately : 3.80 Lakh



go plus


5) Tata Tiago

One of the most popular car, Tata Tiago is doing well. Tata Tiago is a serious threat for all the above mentioned Best budget cars in India.

Approximately : 3.39 Lakh



These were the Top 5 Affordable cars under 4 Lakh that fits your budget because it’s your budget and we gave you the listing of the most exciting and wanting cars that too in reasonable rates.

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