Top 5 Myths About the Fashion Industry

“Fashion is about something that comes from WITHIN.” There are many myths and misconceptions about the fashion industry that one should know. Here are few of them:

Myth #1: You must overspend on your wedding dress.

I completely understand that it’s the most special day of your life, so you choose to get the best out of the world for it, but spending a hell lot of the amount on the wedding dress isn’t always a point.

Myth #2: High heels are more sophisticated than flats.

This is something I totally abide by. It’s totally understood that heels give a good alignment and posture to the body, but you can alter your posture by chest out, chin up and shoulders back.

Myth #3: Most of the clothes only look good if you are tall and skinny

If you think that clothes like crop tops, wide pants and long dresses are only made for tall and skinny people, then you are totally wrong. It’s all about carrying yourself SMARTY & CONFIDENTLY. Some dresses might not suit your body type or is off fit but that does not force you to take this myth.

Myth #4: Modeling is a glamorous job.

Believe me; modeling includes everything from being physically to mentally tired. I have seen my modeling friends go through rejections and then depressions. It’s a life wherein you get a seat after long waits.

Myth #5: Celebrities go for fashion shows because they love that particular designer.

Yes, in 99% of the cases the celebs are paid as celebrity endorsements work the most.

“Be Stylish, Be Yourself”.. I hope this blog was of help and you feel confident about yourself now! Write down your comments and suggestions about what do you think about fashion..

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